How can I apply for refills?

There are two modes by which you can apply for refills-

  • Call at this number…………. 24*7. You can talk directly to our teammates during business hours. To leave your order in off-hours, you can leave a voice memo or can use the electronic requesting appliance.
  • You can create your account at our site, where you can easily place your orders and refills.

Do I require a prescription for placing an order?

Yes, you need a legal prescription from the approved doctor to buy prescription drugs. However, if you don’t have Rx so you can apply for an online prescription. Online Rx is available for individual medications in participating states not assured for every state. Although, we don’t need to see a copy of your existing script. To take a consultation with healthcare contact us via-


Email- [email protected]

Does Wallmart pharma contact us for order confirmation?

Yes, we may call you for the order confirmation if your payment is pending, or you choose the payment method, such as PayPal. We will never call you for any other reason, and kindly don’t disclose your details with anyone until it gets confirms that they are authorized.

How can I track my order?

After placing an order, then you will get a link to our online tracking system. You can check the status and location of your order by using the tracking element. If it gets late or occurs, any issue so we will not notify you about its delaying.

How to place an order on this pharmacy for the first time?

Firstly, you have to create an account for further procedures. After creating an account visit shop page and select your drugs and while choosing the drug, you can also get the knowledge about the composition of the drug. After completing this procedure, reach the payment page and then fill the necessary information and make your order placed. We will notify you about your order confirmation within 24 hours and offer you the receipt of purchasing.

What are the profits of using online pharmacy?

There are numerous advantages of using online pharmacy such as-

  • Saving time
  • Easy to place order
  • Quick delivery
  • Information along with drugs
  • Experts’ advice and guidelines
  • Exclusive discount and coupons
  • Can get online prescription too

How can I place my query?

You can contact with our online consulters 24*7 by using the phone and email mentioned at the bottom of our website. We will resolve your query within a short duration with the consultation of well-experienced doctors. We try our best to make your every deal with this pharmacy safe and secure.

How should I store the medicine?

We have mentioned general guidelines with each of the drugs. Most of the medicines are stored at room temperature, and some medications might be stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, read the warning section carefully before implementing treatment. All medication should be out of the reach of children, addicted people, and pets. Don’t store near direct heat and sunlight.

How do you keep my privacy confidential?

We assure you that all your data and payment made by this pharmacy is safe and secure under our portal. We don’t disclose your data with any third party or our own purpose. Once you deactivate your account on our website, so will shut it permanently. Due to having high privacy intelligence, we keep your data confidential.

What are the current payment modes on Wallmart pharma?

You can make your payment by using credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal, and many more. All the payments method we have mentioned at checkout, and if you face any query during checkout, then contact us by using the mentioned below number.