Privacy Policy

Warning- this pharmacy is being regulated under terms and conditions. Therefore, go through them before

We ensure the data shared by the user is safe under our portal. While making any deal with this pharmacy, the user has to share their details such as name, last name, and phone number etc. to fulfil the procedure of login. Moreover, we don’t pressurize any user to submit their personal information without consent. There is no engagement of any third party, and therefore we also recommend you not to share any detail with any third party because it might be a scam.

To get any service from our site, you have to register yourself for further procedures. We will just ask you to share that data which is necessary for delivery and communication. Moreover, you have to fill each component during enrollment. If you are cautious regarding your data, so we request you that don’t share any data without consent.

Whenever you obtain our services or going through the information, it means you agree with our term and policies. We request you that kindly visit the terms and conditions section before registering yourself here. Above all, we will not inform any visitor if we modify in your terms and policies; therefore, it is your duty to checking down everything during a visit to this site. Before confirming any deal with us, you have to agree with terms and procedures as well as the privacy policy.

We are not in collaboration with any their party; therefore, we also warn you not to reveal your identity and data with any third party. Our website will not be responsible if you are sharing your details through any advertisement or any social link. Whenever you terminate the service or deactivate your account from our pharmacy so we will close off your permanent. When you leave our services, so we don’t use your data for our use, the data uncovered by you here will remain private.

Refund policies-

  • There would be minor prospects to cancel your drop request once it is dispatched. You could terminate it until it gets shipment.
  • We offer a replacement if you encounter with expiry product or didn’t get the specific product for which you placed the order. However, we never found a single user who claimed regarding all this.