Adderall 10mg


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Just like Ritalin, Adderall is a CNS stimulant, but it contains a mixture of
amphetamine salts. It is helpful to reduce the symptoms of ADHD, including a short attention span. Furthermore, doctors also prescribe this drug to a patient who has narcolepsy. If you have ADHD, you may undergo hyperactivity, impulsive nature, and focus disabilities.

Moreover, Adderall is a short-acting stimulant drug, and patients generally take it twice a day. Unlike Adderall XR, it dissolves quickly and does not provide more prolonged effects.

Dosage of Adderall for ADHD

As with other stimulants, start the doses of Adderall with the lowest possible dose. Afterwards, your doctor may increase it as needed. Furthermore, your doctor may also adjust the doses if Adderall is not working well.

In general, doctors prescribe Adderall 10 mg to a child who has ADHD.
Besides, the doses are always different for every patient. So, consult with a doctor before taking Adderall. The FDA approved this drug for children over three years. Along with that, do not use any other medicine without consulting with your doctor. Any other drug may interact with the working of Adderall.

Possible side effects of Adderall

Although Ritalin is useful for ADHD, it may cause a few side effects. However, these side effects depend on the medical condition and strength of the dosage. The most common side effects of Ritalin include:
● loss of appetite
● insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
● headache
● nausea
● dry mouth
● constipation
● weight loss (rare)
● depression
● abdominal pain
● vomiting
● fever
● fatigue

● vomiting

Anyways, consult with your doctor if these side effects appear. Along with that, these reactions should go within a few days.

Who should avoid Adderall

The FDA approved Ritalin for use in patients older than three years.
Furthermore, a person with even mild hypertension should not use this drug. You should know that amphetamines may cause mania to the people. However, do not use Ritalin or any stimulant if you have:
● alcohol or drug addiction
● severe kidney or liver problems
● sleep apnea
● shallow breathing
● high blood pressure
● head injury due to trauma
● pregnant or breastfeeding
Moreover, inform your doctor if you are using Ritalin or Xanax. Besides, some
herbal products may also interact with Ritalin.