Oxycodone 10mg


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Oxycodone is a narcotic drug that helps in the treatment of severe chronic pain. It is a member of the drug class known as opioid pain killers. Thus, doctors prescribe this drug to a patient suffering from severe pain of an injury or surgery. Furthermore, it is a prescription medicine and a controlled substance. Oxycodone has a high potential for abuse and overdose.

Moreover, doctors prescribe the lowest possible dose of Oxycodone. According to the FDA, the drug is not suitable for the treatment of children under 13 years. However, consult with a doctor for more information.

How to use Oxycodone HCL (Hydrochloride)

Before using any opioid, including Roxicodone, ask your doctor first. Never opt to use any prescription drug without consulting a doctor. Afterward, follow the directions of your doctor and take prescribed doses. You might be aware that the doses of Roxicodone HCL are different for every patient. It depends on the medical history and severity of pain.

Moreover, Roxicodone is an oral administration drug. Thus, take the doses orally with enough water to swallow the pill. Do not peel the tablet or crush it to mix in a liquid. Doing so may quickly dissolve the drug in your system that may cause an overdose.

Who should not take Oxycodone

First and foremost, you should not use Roxicodone if you are allergic to opioids. Furthermore, do not use this drug if you are using any other narcotic or are tolerant to it. However, avoid the treatment of Oxycodone if you:

  • have used an MAO inhibitor in the previous 15 days.
  • have severe asthma or breathing problems.
  • sleep apnea or shallow breathing
  • lung, liver, or kidney disease
  • thyroid disorder
  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have head injury
  • problems with your gallbladder
  • urination problem
  • adrenal disease

Moreover, inform your healthcare provider if you are using any health supplement. These substances may interact with the working of Oxycodone.

Oxycodone overdose

An accidental overdose is possible when you do not know how the drug works. Take count of your drug and adequately take the doses to prevent an overdose. However, inform your doctor right away if it happens to you. Remember that an overdose of Oxycodone could be fatal, especially in seniors and children.

Moreover, recreational use increases the risks of overdose and drug abuse. Thus, do not use Oxycodone without having a prescription from a licensed doctor.