Oxycontin OC 10mg


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Oxycontin is an opioid prescription drug that is available in immediate and extended-release formulations. All of these forms are oral administrative drug, which means they are taken by mouth. Furthermore, it is a prescription drug that helps in the treatment of severe to chronic pain. In the United States, Roxicodoneis one of the most prescribed opioids.

Moreover, Oxycontin immediate-release is available as a generic drug. But, extended-release is only available in brand name drugs. However, seek medical advice before taking Roxicodone or any other opioid.

How Oxycontin works for pain

Oxycontin belongs to a drug class known as opioid pain killers. These drugs work similarly to relieve pain by stimulating the CNS. Therefore, Oxycontin works inside the central nervous system and the brain. Furthermore, it alters a few natural chemicals, but most precisely GABA receptors. Which, in turn, reduces the sensation of pain and promotes calmness.

Moreover, taking a high dose of Roxicodone may create sedation. Thus, frequent high doses may develop drug dependence. Take the doses of Oxycontin in the prescribed amount and period. Do not alter or make changes in the treatment.

Oxycontin side effects

Be aware that Oxycontin may cause drowsiness and other side effects. The drug reactions are more likely when you start taking it for the first time. Thus, do not drive and avoid drinking alcohol while taking this treatment. However, the common side effects of Roxicodone are:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • sweating
  • drowsiness
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
  • lack of energy
  • weakness
  • severe itching
  • vomiting
  • itching of the skin
  • lightheadedness

If these drug reactions are mild, they may wear off within a few days. Furthermore, you may experience a few severe side effects, such as shallow breathing and flushing. Therefore, inform your doctor right away to get over these drug reactions.

Possible drug interactions

Oxycontin may interact with other drugs, such as sedatives, opioids, and herbal products. An interaction alters the standard working of a drug. It may increase or reduce the effects of Roxicodone. However, ask your doctor about the medicines which may interact with Roxicodone. 

Moreover, do not consume alcohol as it may create an overdose. Doing so may increase the risks of extreme dizziness and fainting. Other products, such as health supplements, may also alter the working of Roxicodone. Thus, talk to your doctor for more detailed information.