Roxicodone 30mg


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Roxicodone is a prescription medicine that can treat severe pain in the lower back or sides. The pain is usually on one side but maybe on both sides of the lower back. The pain may start quickly, come and go, and become worse over time. Besides, it is also useful for treating the pain of an injury, surgery, or trauma. However, the drug requires proper dosage intake and cautions. 


Moreover, Roxicodone has active ingredients that may make you feel dizzy. It mostly occurs when you are using it for the first time. However, keep following your doctor’s instructions for proper treatment.




It is crucial for every patient to follow the dosage instructions carefully. The doses of Roxicodone are different for every patient depending on the severity of pain. According to a study, pain medications, including Roxicodone, can cause addiction at irregular usage. Therefore, avoid taking the pills in excess or for a more extended period than prescribed.


Additionally, your doctor may change your dosage in between the treatment. It might be necessary to adjust the dosage according to your symptoms. However, do not alter your prescription without consulting with your doctor.




While using Roxicodone, a person may face some of the side effects of irregular usage. These side effects may irritate initially but should not last for more than four days. Besides, it may cause some severe adverse effects if you abuse or misuse this drug. 


Some of the common side effects of Roxicodone usage may include:

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • sedation
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • skin rash
  • fatigue
  • redness of eye
  • changes in libido
  • loss of coordination

Remember that you can stay safe from these negative impacts by taking adequate precautions. Thus, ask your doctor for the instructions to prevent these symptoms. 




Roxicodone may interact with other prescription drugs and health supplements. Besides, it can also interact with liquor, alcohol, and other sedative substances. Thus, avoid taking any material that may interact with your medication. An interaction may increase the effects of dosage and cause a higher dose.


Besides, tell your doctor if you have liquor or drug addiction. Also, do not take multiple pain medications at a time. For more information, seek medical advice or ask with your prescribing doctor. 




Roxicodone has a high potential for addiction due to its active ingredients. A person may quickly build physical or mental dependence while using this drug for more than four weeks. Therefore, experts do not prescribe Roxicodone for more than four weeks in a row.


In order to avoid addiction, take medicine in orally and in the prescribed quantity. Addiction mostly occurs when a person takes medical instructions for granted. So, do not take any risk by adjusting your dosage without consulting it with your doctor.

Final Words


Despite the benefits of Roxicodone, doctors stay cautious while prescribing this medication. The drug has many benefits for severe to chronic pain. Thus, it may help you to overcome your severe or ongoing pain.