Valium 10mg


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Just like Xanax, Diazepam works effectively to treat short-term anxiety disorders. If you have a panic disorder, this can be a useful drug for your recovery plan. As Diazepam is an anti-anxiety drug, it is beneficial to treat certain anxiety disorders. 

Moreover, Diazepam is also available under a generic name Diazepam. The medication works by decreasing the activities of the central nervous system. 

Apart from panic attacks, what is Valium useful for

Doctors prescribe Diazepam for different types of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. In bipolar disorder, Diazepam can quickly halt the manic symptoms, such as agitation. Afterwards, it can give mood receptors to kick in. However, your doctor should prescribe Valium for a short period. For manic symptoms in bipolar disorders, the treatment should carry on for a few weeks.

Furthermore, Diazepamcan also treat skeletal muscle spasm. It might happen due to conditions like trauma or inflammation. Moreover, your doctor may also use Valium as an add-on treatment plan to reduce seizures. 

Who should avoid taking Valium

As Diazepam is a potent benzodiazepine, certain people should not take its treatment. Children under two years and senior adults should avoid this drug. Furthermore, a person should also avoid using Valium for anxiety if he has:

  • narrow-angle glaucoma
  • head injury
  • kidney or liver disease
  • alcohol or drug addiction
  • substance use disorder
  • severe breathing difficulties
  • sleep apnea
  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • myasthenia gravis

However, inform your doctor if you have or ever had these symptoms. Apart from that, Diazepam may harm your infant if you take it during pregnancy. So, a pregnant woman should not take Valium.

Possible side effects of Valium

Besides the positive results, Diazepam may also cause a few side effects. However, these side effects occur when you take the drug for granted.

Common side effects of Valium include:

  • drowsiness
  • fatigue
  • unsteady gait
  • impaired vision
  • extreme calmness
  • confusion
  • muscle spasm

In addition, do not suddenly stop the treatment if you are taking Valium for seizures. Doing so may increase the risk of more intense seizures.

Possible drug interactions

Diazepam is a stimulant that can interact with other drugs and herbal products. So, tell your doctor if you are using any other remedy. Afterwards, your doctor should be careful with the doses and treatment plan.

Possible drug interactions for Valium include:

  • anti-anxiety medicines
  • narcotic painkillers
  • opioids
  • benzodiazepines
  • sedative-hypnotics
  • alcohol
  • illegal narcotics

However, do not use alcohol with valium. Doing so may cause an overdose which may lead to withdrawals.